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 Threshold is now accepting self pay and out of state clients for our residential group homes.

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Threshold Center for Autism offers a complete system of care, in essence a one-stop-shop for parents questioning whether their child could have autistic tendencies.

We are an autism service provider for medical, dental, educational and behavioral services. For nearly forty years we have developed programs that combine medical intervention with applied behavioral programs and support for training and treatment services.


Most people are not aware that our Medical and Dental centers not only treat special needs patients but are also open to the general public.



Diagnosis is Key


Early intervention is the key piece to the puzzle to help children gain communication, self-care and social skills. An individual with severe autism will always need support. Whereas with milder autism, adults are able to live on their own. The earlier a child begins autism intervention program, the better. Every child with autism has a greater chance of having a brighter future with the proper interventions and help from trained professionals. An autism diagnosis can only be made by a trained and licensed physician. All concerns a parent has should be first addressed by their family physician or pediatrician.

Threshold endorses and uses evidence-based, outcome-oriented programs and therapy. A basic premise of health care, dating back several thousand years, is to first do no harm. Our goal at Threshold is to ensure that we use and endorse only outcome-based, research validated treatment procedures and protocols.


For more information, see our “Behavioral Services” page.

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